Is Willpower Enough to Overcome Anxiety?

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  • 17 Jan, 2017
sing willpower can have a dramatic effect on anxiety, but only if you are impressing a new program on the subconscious mind through conscious action.
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For so many, anxiety has become a dictator in their life, limiting their activities, diminishing their relationships, and even forcing them into a deep depression. If left untreated, it could potentially grow and expand into worse forms of anxiety such as agoraphobia and panic attacks on a regular basis. In short, anxiety is nothing to play around with.
With all the different prescription medications out there that someone you probably know (if not yourself) is on for some form of anxiety or depression, and the many different therapists, counselors, and self-help guru’s trying to help people overcome anxiety, what really works? There is no one thing that works for everyone, however, there are some things that work better for more people than others. The most commonly applied method for most people to relieve their anxiety is through willpower. But is that enough to overcome anxiety and live a normal healthy life?
The most important factor in overcoming anxiety is understanding where it comes from and why it is there. I’m not talking about digging deep and trying to figure out what events took place in your life that left you with anxiety, I’m talking about your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is where all of your thoughts, habits, impulses, emotions, and strategies exist. It’s what harbors the anxiety you experience. As shocking as it may seem, anxiety actually has a purpose. Anxiety is what we call a defense mechanism. This is important to know because if you want to relieve yourself of anxiety then you must reprogram the subconscious mind to do it.
Using willpower can have a dramatic effect on anxiety, but only if you are impressing a new program on the subconscious mind through conscious action. So many people try to ignore anxiety, just hoping that one day it will just disappear as quickly as it came. This is not often the case. Ignoring or stuffing these feelings down only delays and can progressively worsen the symptoms of anxiety. Instead, there are many different conscious tools that can be used to reprogram your subconscious mind such as mindfulness, meditation , auto-suggestion, or even taking part in a conscious reprogramming course like my Foundation of Success program which allows you to gain more control over your thoughts, emotions and actions so you can create new results in your life.
Anytime you create a new program or change in your subconscious mind, you are creating new neural pathways in your brain. Since this process takes roughly 13 weeks to complete, you must be diligent and steady with your process. Otherwise, you will render incomplete results and probably still experience the anxiety on some level. The danger in this is that it can spiral out of control again later down the line if not monitored. So be diligent and proactive when taking this approach.                                                                                                         _________________________________________________________________
Here at Maximized Mind, we help adults overcome anxiety by utilizing the most effective forms of psychology in the world to provide fast and effective relief to help you regain a sense of peace, value, purpose, and passion for life again.
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By maximizedmindblog 17 Jan, 2017
sing willpower can have a dramatic effect on anxiety, but only if you are impressing a new program on the subconscious mind through conscious action.
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