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​Mike Oglesbee


Maximized Mind Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression, Smoking Cessation, and Business Coaching

Hypnotherapy in Myrtle Beach, SC

Meet The Owner And Founder


Maximized Mind Hypnosis is dedicated to providing top quality services and products. We believe it is our responsibility to make a change in this world. That is why we offer a stick with it guarantee to all of our clients who have long term goals they want to pursue. We specialize in anxiety and depression relief and smoking cessation. With a success rate of over 92%, our dedication and enduring efforts to remain your number 1 resource for living your life empowered shows. We offer many different ways of treatment in order to fulfill each and every client the way they need ranging from one on one sessions, to group seminars, telephone sessions, skype, and downloadable content for purchase. We also back our services up with our "stick with it" guarantee, free support coaching, and a free consultation to help you decide if success coaching is right for you. We are available for seminars, group sessions, webinars, and teleconferences for both personal and business needs. We realize that these are the most powerful tools on earth for obtaining desired results and we are dedicated to utilizing them in a responsible and positive manner. Make the call for your free consultation and see what Maximized Mind can do for you! 

Mike Oglesbee is a nationally recognized author of four books including "Foundation of Success", "Elevated Consciousness", "My Success Journal", and "Make It Big In A Small Business". Since 2009, he has been practicing various forms of psychology and has taken Myrtle Beach, SC by storm as a specialist in helping people overcome anxiety and depression, quit smoking, and build a stronger and more profitable business. Upon learning the powerful effects of Hypnosis, he established Maximized Mind LLC in 2011. Mike is certified as a Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor/trainer, a Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, a life coach, and business coach/advisor.  Mike works with many different forms of psychology to create individualized programs for people specific to their needs and what works best for them. 

Mike has been featured on ABC television several times, Carolina and Company Live television show, Retire Right television show, several radio programs including international radio, and has been featured several times for his success stories in magazines and publications. 

Mike is dedicated to providing his clients with only the best service around. He backs his services with the highest level of support in order to ensure your success.

"My purpose is to help others be successful doing what they love to do and to be fully self-expressed"

                                           ~Mike Oglesbee