Success 101

Success 101 is a 5 session hypnotic series providing you with a full 35-days of continuous programming. This series comes equipped with the most technologically advanced methods in the world. Success 101 is based on our powerful Foundation of Success program that has become one of the most successful programs used in Maximized Mind to help people overcome obstacles, challenges, and adversities by replacing it with a new and improved self-concept built on the qualities and characteristics of success and achievement. 

Downloadable Recordings

 Depression Relief

Depression is a very destructive force that stems from a distortion of perception brought on by many different events and experiences throughout life. It can 
affect everyone who is involved and can leave you feeling worthless and hopeless. Clear the muddy waters of depression and find yourself getting back in touch with the beauty of life and all it has to offer. Regain control and peace in your life today. 

Elevated Consciousness

Based on the book, Elevated Consciousness, this meditation recording will guide you through the very method in which you can begin to enter new levels of consciousness right away in only a few minutes that is guaranteed to be one of the easiest and fastest ways of entering the deepest states of meditation and consciousness you've ever experienced. This guided meditation recording is the perfect companion to the book that is designed to help you achieve success every time you use the Elevated Consciousness method to explore and deepen your meditation practice. 

 Foundation of Success is a 28-day program designed to influence and create powerful change within your subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals and experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Foundation of Success is packed with proven techniques and exercises that will reach the subconscious mind where the root of all problems exist and rewire your brain to set you on the path to begin creating more fulfilling relationships, peace of mind, less stress, and endless possibilities. As your perception and internal foundation changes, you will see a ripple effect of possibilities and opportunities open up for you in the world. Creating a foundation of success within is your first step to achieving truly amazing results in your life. 

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is a physical manifestation of unconscious stress and uncertainty. It can take over and ruin many great things in life such as relationships and careers. It can weigh you down and deprive you of many great possibilities in life. Begin to take control over your life and live with a renewed sense of peace, purpose, and value today. This hypnosis recording is designed with Neuro-Linguistic Programming to give you a replacement anchor for anxiety and difficulties.  

Smoking Cessation

The smoking habit is a huge struggle for so many people to overcome. The key to becoming a non-smoker is to replace the habit and re-associate the triggers that have been attached to cigarettes. The Smoking Cessation Program will give you the edge to help you successfully achieve your goal of living a new life as a non-smoker. This package includes a hypnosis recording to listen to daily until you have reached your goal and a Sleep Learning subliminal recording designed to program your subconscious mind as a non-smoker while you sleep.


Running a small business in today's world requires more than just understanding your craft. It requires knowing how to run a business. Small businesses are swallowed up every day because the business owner simply does not have the tools and understanding of how to reach out to the people they are meant to serve in a way that will keep them coming back for more. Moreover, most small business owners rely on heavy marketing to do the job of booking them clients, but as we journey into the foundation, and trust building strategies in this book, we learn that marketing only brings your potential clients to you. From there it's imperative that you have a solid business structure implemented so that you can book the client and keep them returning for more. This is the reason for the downfall of most small businesses. Build your small business into a powerhouse and book more clients using the steps in this book.

My Success Journal is designed to keep you focused on your two most important goals over the next 31 days as well as the action steps it will take to achieve them. By staying focused with a routine every day, you are more likely to achieve the things you set out to achieve in life. My Success Journal is also designed in a way that allows you to measure and track your progress with weekly updates. Reach your goals, complete your projects, and stay focused on your dreams with My Success Journal.



Meditation provides some of the greatest benefits known to man but is often one of the most difficult practices to maintain because of the difficulty in calming the mind chatter that takes place. There are many theories and practices taught throughout the world on how to defeat this debilitating side effect of sitting still. Possibly for the first time ever, Mike Oglesbee has discovered an incredible technique that completely shuts down mind chatter in just a matter of moments. When he first discovered the techniques taught in this book he conducted an experiment on over 50 people ranging from ages 13 to 86 both male and female.To his amazement, he maintained a 100% consistency rate throughout his entire research. His technique worked each and every time each person sought to enter a deep zen-like meditation. He also found that this deep state was easily reached within five minutes even on the first attempt.  
Elevated Consciousness will teach you the very method in which you can begin to enter new levels of consciousness right away in only a few minutes that is guaranteed to be one of the easiest and fastest ways of entering the deepest states of meditation and consciousness you've ever experienced.

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